Why use a Database Management Systems?

Store all your customers data in one secure place.  No more Excell sheets of endless records.  Search and report on your computer or using our custom app.  All database management systems are created from scratch to suit your business needs. This means we can integrate features that are specific to your business.  Below are our basic features, for more information or if you have specific requirements please get in touch with one of our team who will be happy to discuss this with you.


Cloud Based Software

No Downloads, No Hassle!  Access the software online, from anywhere using your unique URL based on your company name. For example, businessname.turnersystems.online. Perfect for home, office or remote working.


Secured via 2 way encryption.  Turner Systems is registered with ICO and can assure you that any and all data is secured. For more information of our assurances, ICO or insurance please get in touch.

Email Customers

Email your customers directly via a unique email address provided by Turner Systems. Would rather your messages go from a dedicated email account of your own? No problem at all, we will configure this for you!

Exporting Data

Export data easily and securely by downloading message history which is password protected.

User Access Roles

Levelled access roles allow you to decide the level of access your team have to data within the software and the ability to download.


We have a dedicated UK manned support telephone number as well as a support email address which is constantly monitored and our team is always on hand to help with any issues or questions you may have.

GDPR Compliance

Obtain GDPR compliance from your new customers or people who wish to be added to your mailing group by accepting a link or even physically signing on a tablet or phone.  Perfect for when you are at conferences and events.

Customer App

Access the system anywhere and anytime via our secure app which can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet.

Searching and Reporting

Easily search and report on data within your system to learn trends and facts about your customers.

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